AHome2.jpgSEAL BEACH LEISURE WORLD is a Stock cooperative. That means ownership of a unit that is represented by a share of stock and a membership in the Golden Rain Foundation.

There are 6,608 units, of which 126 are condominiums, in the development of 533 acres; occupied by nine to ten thousand residents.


To qualify, one of the buyers must be 55 years of age. Depending on the price or 1-AHome4.jpg2 bedroom, a deposit 
is required to make an offer. All sales are CASH; no financing is permitted with the exception of Condominiums.

Verification of Income, Savings, and any other assets are required for qualification. The Rule of Thumb for requirement is an assured income of four (4) times the monthly charges, plus a reserve of $25,000 which does not have to be liquid.

It is the responsibility of the buyers to provide a Physician Letter stating 'Health and the Ability to Care for Ones-Self' (separate letter for each occupant). The Original Copy must be signed by your attending physician on letterhead or Prescription Pad and submitted before the opening of Escrow.

There is a One-Time Membership Fee to the Golden Rain Foundation.

PETS 25 lbs. or under are permitted.

Disclaimer: Leisure Living Resales is an independent real-estate agency specializing in assisting with the buying and selling of properties in and about the Seal Beach Leisure World Community. "Leisure World" is a registered trademark owned by RRLH, Inc. Leisure Living Resales is not affiliated with RRLH, Inc. or Leisure World.
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