Seal Beach: A Town Like No Other

Choosing where to retire is just as important as choosing when. Many factors go into deciding where to live when you are over 55 years old, like weather, cost, and convenience. Seal Beach, the home of Leisure World, has all that and more. It is a community unlike any other in California and maybe even the country.

Located between Long Beach and Huntington Beach, Seal Beach is a coastal city in Orange County, just 28 miles south of Los Angeles. The town is named in honor of the sea creatures that used to visit the beach. However, today, you’re likely to see more windsurfers than seals enjoying the waves. You’re also likely to see many retirees stopping by the shops and restaurants along with the beach.

It’s no surprise to us that Seal Beach has been attracting retirees from across the country for years. Here are a few reasons why:

Small Town Appeal with a Beach Vibe.

A classic California beach town with quaint shops and friendly neighbors is a rarity these days. While the first thing to attract newcomers to Seal Beach is, of course, the beach, it is not the only reason our town is special. Yes, there are wide, sandy expanses for relaxing, not to mention several surf spots that make for great kitesurfing and windsurfing. Seal Beach also stakes claim to the second-longest wooden pier in California.

Those who buy Leisure World Properties in Seal Beach CA will enjoy many of the historic buildings on Main Street, too. The town center is filled with locally-owned restaurants and shops, including Crema Cafe, a French bistro, and the seafood spot Walt’s Wharf. You’re sure to make new friends when you visit these or any of our other local watering holes.

Friendly Community

Resident after resident tells us Seal Beach is the friendliest place they’ve ever lived. Moving to a new community can be exciting and even a little scary. It can be especially daunting when you are 55 or older. Many retirees may have spent 20 years or more living in their previous town, and saying goodbye to long-time friends might be hard. They’re worried about meeting new people and how life will change for them. But never fear! Seal Beach has a strong sense of community and interconnectedness. New residents find they start to feel at home in no time.

A Hidden Gem with a Convenient Location

In real estate, we know it’s all about location, location, location. Seal Beach couldn’t be more conveniently located. Despite its proximity to Anaheim, Irvine, Long Beach, and LA, not many people know about Seal Beach.

The Pacific Coast Highway cuts right through the center of the city instead of hugging the coastline as it does in other places. The main street and pier all sit to the west of the highway. This means many people drive right past our town without even knowing Seal Beach is here! It’s Orange County’s best-kept secret, helping us maintain a small-town feel and ensuring we never feel overcrowded.

While travelers and commuters might miss our town because they’re moving too fast down the road of life, retirees from around the country have discovered this hidden gem on the California coast. Living at Leisure World means you get to live in the friendliest town in California, and we can’t wait to show you around.

Reach out today and to learn more about living in Seal Beach, and Leisure World property for sale in Seal Beach CA.